Grove Recycling Services is a privately owned and managed firm offering complete rubbish removal services with over 35 years experience.

Grove Recycling Services offers many programs that the other waste companies do not.  Grove can offer complete rubbish removal services, prototype part destruction, confidential document destruction, white paper, plastic and cardboard recycling programs, and electronic equipment recycling.  Grove Recycling can also handle your in house waste requirements with equipment, labor and transportantion services.

Grove Recycling Services can tailor a system to address your current and future needs.  From one load a week to 10 loads a day, Grove can handle your rubbish needs.

George A. Madias
Grove Recycling Services

12860 Evergreen Rd. Detroit, MI 48223-3491
Phone: (313) 272-5335 Fax: (313) 272-5345